What is Flask ❓ #

  • Flask is a micro web framework written in Python. It is classified as a microframework because it does not require particular tools or libraries. It is used to develop backend of web applications.

  • By learning Flask you can create backend of web applications and also deploy machine learning models.

🎓 Take Away Skills #

After completing this learning path you will be knowledgeable in:

  • Creating basic program in Flask.
  • Understand url routing.
  • Requests and methods( POST, GET ).
  • Rendering templates and static files.
  • Use of templating engine Jinja.
  • Sessions and cookies.
  • Storing data using sqllite database.

🛠️ Prerequisites #

🧑🏻‍💻 Programming Knowledge #

Knowlegde of Python is required as Flask is built on Python. A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required for creating templates and rendering.

You can check out the Web 101 to learn about HTML and CSS.

You can check out the Python to learn about Python.

📲 Installation and Setup #

You need a code editor,browser and Python to follow along this learning path. You can choose the code editor and browser of your choice. The preferred ones are listed below:

💡 Learning Session #

🎓 Topics to Learn

- Installation and environment creation
- Minimal application 
- Routing and creating url
- Rendering templates and other static files
- Creating base template and Jinja templating engine
- Handling forms 
- Requests and methods(GET, POST)
- Storing data using sqllite.
- Sessions and cookies
- Designing custom error pages and handling errors.
- Testing and deployment.

🧑🏻‍💻 Learn from

  • To learn how to create a minimal application refer here
  • To learn how to create an HTML template refer here
  • To learn requests and methods refer here
  • To learn database operations using sql alchemy refer here

🛠️ Get into action

A few projects you can build to implement the concepts you have learned above:

  • A simple login and signup page using flask and sqllite. It can help you understand more about requests, form handling, data handling.

🔖 Resource Pool #

You can checkout these additional resources to learn more about Flask

Articles/Blogs #

Videos #

🚀 Project Pool #

Here are few project ideas you can try out, these are just an inspiration to get started. Try to learn and build ideas that come to your mind.

  • Simple login/signup page.Refer here
  • Create a basic Todo app. Refer here
  • Create a Diary app. After trying Todo application you will get an idea on how to perform operations for creating a Diary app.
  • Try out Django after aquiring basic Flask knowledge. Refer the Django Learning path Here

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